Thanks To All of You!

We’re still trying to deal with all the bugs you have whenever you start up a new website, particularly one like ours. I know a lot of you had issues with the shipping calculator being way off, but I think we finally got to the bottom of it and it it should be working fine now. For anyone who placed an order over the weekend, you should be getting a refund on your shipping so that your purchase price reflects the accurate shipping cost. We appreciate your generosity, but we can’t in good conscience rip people off, even if we are giving half of it away to charity.

We’re sure there’s probably some kinks still left to iron out and there’s some minor cosmetic changes coming to the site. For example, we know the product images appear squished when enlarged. We took some new product photos today and are hoping that in the process of uploading them, we’ll get that figured out as well. You’ll also notice that we’ve been so busy behind the scenes we haven’t even decided on a name for the blog, so for now it’s “The Blog”. Very original, we know. If you’ve got a suggest of what we can call it, we’ll be glad to hear it!

For everybody who has followed us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; you have seen the new product labels. We’re are incredibly excited about them, not just because they look pretty awesome, but because they’re the result of a labor of love. None of it would have been possible without all of you. Thank you, again!

Never hide your light!

Jason Revill

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